REKFOL Wiesław Duchalski, Lesław Mazur Sp.J.
began its operations in 1993.

We are a manufacturer of LD-PE and MD-PE polyethylene film.

Our main product is heat-shrinkable film used for packing of goods in heating tunnels or using manual heaters, and various types of packaging film

Our main product is heat-shrinkable film. Our offer also includes vapour-barrier construction foil, aswell
as stretch film-for packaging and securing of loads on pallets.

Moreover, we produce various types and sizes of plastic bags, bags, plastic spacers, etc

REKFOL S.J. cooperates with majority of companies operating in the Mielec Special Economic Zone"EURO-PARK",
as wellas with companies and warehouses in south-eastern Poland, Silesia, on aregular basis.

Our companys assets:

  • wide range of products offered,
  • quick execution of orders,
  • location in the SEZ "EURO-PARK" in Mielec,
  • young, dynamic team
  • own transport,
  • technical advice on film use.

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