We produce any size of plastic bags:

  • thickness from 0.02 mm up to 0.35 mm.
  • width from 70 mm up to 2000 mm,
  • length from 100 mm up to 3000 mm,

any colour, with or without print, plain or with folds, also perforated.

We also produce bags for segregation of garbage and other types of waste.
We can cooperate with companies collecting municipal waste, municipalities, recycling organizations, etc.
We will select the appropriate size of a bag, its strength, and make the required print on the bag.

worki foliowe producent worków foliowych
worki foliowe 2 producent worków foliowych 2
worki foliowe 3 worki na śmieci
worki foliowe 4 worki do segregacji śmieci
worki foliowe 5 worki foliowe na śmieci
worki do segregacji śmieci