We offer foil with perforation in the form of needle punctures to facilitate the flow of air
from the inside and the outside of a package.

This modification allows accelerating the process of packing in heat-shrinkable film
by rapid flow of air from the package during shrinkage of film around the
product being packed or provides access of the air to goods that require ventilation during their storage.

  • Needle gauge approx. 20 x 20 mm
  • possibility of perforation over the entire surface or part of film,
  • possibility of perforation of 100 mm strips on wider film,
  • possibility of perforation of a line that allows peeling certain sections of film off the roll,
  • minimum perforation width - 100 mm
  • maximum perforation width - 1,200 mm,
  • maximum width of film with peel-off section perforation - 1400 mm

folia perforowana folie perforowane folia perforowana - img
folia perforowana 2 folie perforowane 2 folia perforwana - img2